Apertura programmaGAP is a system for the archiving or storage of the clinical and surgical data of patients undergoing hip, knee or shoulder prosthetic surgery.

It was designed and developed in the first semester of 1990 by Alessio Ferraro, following the indications of Dr. Guido Grappiolo, prosthetic surgeon. Dr. Grappiolo started using it in September of that same year to store his own patients' data. Once the software was validated, Mr. Ferraro continued updating it and developing successive versions, until he obtained a complete system to manage the personal, clinical, surgical, radiology and multimedia data of the patients, allowing the extrapolation of important statistical and scientific information that often result in improved surgical procedures or prosthetic implants.

Mr. Alessio Ferraro, who entered the Livio Sciutto Foundation - Biomedical Research in Orthopaedia - Onlus (Non-profit Social Organisation) as computer programmer, continues to verify the operation and development of the system to better serve the changing requirements of prosthetic surgery. Since it was born from a significant collaboration between technicians and surgeons, today GAP II is a user-friendly yet effective software, complete but in constant evolution.

Main Characteristics

  • Access control via user name and password according to privacy regulations In progress
  • Personal Data, Clinical Chart, Intervention Card and Patient Follow-up
  • Calculation of Harris Hip Score, Womac, Knee Score
  • Immediate archiving and visualisation or X-rays, images and films
  • Integration with the organisation's PACS and mixed Oracle environment
  • Data visualisation as outlines or lists, with automatic mail merge
  • Freeform search of any data in the archives
  • Generation of preconfigured or customisable statistics
  • Export of any type of data for external programs (ex. Excel)
  • Can work either in Apple and/or PC platform
  • Installable in local networks (even mixed Apple/PC networks)
  • Optimised, quality printing directly from any form
  • Based on the Filemaker Pro multi-platform relational database

Future Developments

  • Acquisition and archiving of images and video coming from any source, like digital cameras or video recorders, allowing the association of arthroscopic images and/or surgery snapshots to the patient's file. This part is already active as [alpha/beta version????] but only for arthroscopic images and films.
  • Add a complete module for shoulder orthopaedia
Management of DRG scores. In the 2007-2008 period the following were activated:
  • Addition of a fully computerised, real-time Deposit Account management module for the direct download of products in the operating room, invoicing, reimbursements, and product returns.
  • Integration with the organisation0s database (Oracle) 

Minimum Requirements

GAP II is developed in Filemaker Pro 6, and works both in Apple Macintosh or Windows environments; it can be used in local networks (client-server) upon specific client request.

Connection in progressThese are the minimum system requirements:  

  • Apple PowerPC 601/66 Mhz
  • Apple Mac OS 9.1 / Os X 10.2
  • PC 486/66 Mhz
  • Windows 2000
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 40 Mb free on the hard drive
  • Color monitor, 1280 x 960 pixels


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GAP II è un sistema per l’archiviazione di dati clinici e chirurgici di pazienti sottoposti ad interventi di chirurgia protesica di anca, ginocchio e spalla.