When someone dies, strong memories of them live on in the people who loved them.

Remembering them is bittersweet, with all the regret of losing a person you loved and knowing that you will never see them again, while at the same time feeling that you were very fortunate to have known and loved them.

These feelings are even more intense when they are experienced by someone’s parents, and if they have lost their only child at the age of just 36. This was the case with Livio, who was crushed by a sudden, devastating disease over long, arduous months of suffering.

His father Pietro Giacomo and mother Ofelia decided to dedicate a Foundation for scientific research to their son, because Livio’s chosen path in life had been to work in the prosthetic surgery operating theatre at the Santa Corona Hospital and care for those who were suffering.

The hope of his parents is to keep the memory of their son alive for as long as possible. The life of the Foundation, like that of all man’s creations, is bound to the time that goes by and to its projects and development schemes.



The President

Cav. Gian Piero Aicardi


The Scientific Director

Dott. Guido Grappiolo


The President and the Scientific Director, together with the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee, extend grateful thanks to the Founders Mrs. Ofelia BIASIA and Mr. Pietro Giacomo SCIUTTO.

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GAP II è un sistema per l’archiviazione di dati clinici e chirurgici di pazienti sottoposti ad interventi di chirurgia protesica di anca, ginocchio e spalla.