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Guido Grappiolo, Mattia Loppini, Umile Giuseppe Longo, Francesco Traverso, Giuseppe Mazziotta, Vincenzo Denaro


Fifty-five hips undergoing acetabular reconstruction with trabecular metal (TM)-coated cup and TM augments were reviewed at an average follow up of 53.7 months (36–91). Bony defects were Paprosky type IIIA in 42 and type IIIB without pelvic discontinuity in 13 hips. The average HHS increased from 40 (27–52) preoperatively to 90.5 (61–100) postoperatively (P < 0.0001). Four (7.3%) of 55 hips underwent acetabular components revision: three cases of loosening (5.4%), and one of recurrent instability (1.8%) were reported. Survival rate at 2 and 5 years was 96.4% and 92.8%. In conclusion, the use of TM-coated cups and augments could be considered an effective management of Paprosky type III defects without pelvic discontinuity providing good clinical and radiographic outcomes in the mid term.

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